Swag (English Edition) por Elmore Leonard

August 21, 2019

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Titulo del libro: Swag (English Edition)
Autor: Elmore Leonard
Número de páginas: 223 páginas
Fecha de lanzamiento: February 16, 2012
Editor: Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Elmore Leonard con Swag (English Edition)

Elmore Leonard is 'the man other crime writers call the Boss' DAILY TELEGRAPH.

There aren't any textbooks on armed robbery. The only way to learn is through experience, and small-time crooks Frank and Stick are determined to do as much learning on the job as possible.

In 1970s' Detroit they embark on a crime spree, holding up liquor stores and supermarkets. They invent their 'Ten Golden Rules for Successful Armed Robbery' and for a short time the cash is rolling in. But then they bend their own rules, and it looks like trouble is heading their way...

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