Your Mark On The World (English Edition) por Devin D. Thorpe

November 16, 2019

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Titulo del libro: Your Mark On The World (English Edition)
Autor: Devin D. Thorpe
Número de páginas: 217 páginas
Fecha de lanzamiento: July 19, 2012

Devin D. Thorpe con Your Mark On The World (English Edition)

Your Mark On The World will change your life if you let it. This book will inspire you to become the best version of yourself, doing more good in the world than you ever thought possible without sacrificing the things that are most important to you.

The stories will inspire you and the financial planning tips will enable you to do all those things you wished you could do and believed you couldn't.

This book will help you to:
•Earn higher returns on your investments without taking undue risks.
•Save more for your future without having to eliminate all the fun in your life.
•Prepare to send your kids to college without giving up a family vacation.
•Choose a cause that you can use to leave your mark on the world.
•Make room in your budget for to have an impact with your cause.
•Empower you to actually make a difference.
•Be the example for your children that you always thought you’d be.
•Be a hero to someone who needs a hero.
•Do it all without quitting your job or leaving your spouse.

Praise for Your Mark On The World:

Pamela Atkinson, homeless advocate and advisor to three Utah Governors, reviewed Your Mark on the World for Utah Business magazine, saying, “There is so much need, so much hunger, even right here in our own community that I take hope that more people will read this book and engage themselves more in the fight to lessen poverty, injustice and end homelessness in our community and perhaps worldwide.”

Libby at Libby's Library writes, "I believe that there has never been a more appropriate time for this book and the messages that it holds between its covers. I wish that I could afford to purchase a book for every single member of congress."

Mama's Got Flair reviewed Your Mark on the World, noting, "I think it’s important to start out by saying that Your Mark on the World is a book for everybody. It wasn’t written with the assumption that you’re sitting on a pile of cash or have a bachelor’s degree in economics. It’s for everyday people who want to make a difference."

Money Savvy Michelle says "I really enjoyed this book and think it’s a great way to get a kick start into managing your finances and inspiration for making your mark on the world."

Holly Ord of the Woman Tribune says, "We all want to have a positive impact on the world around us, and Your Mark on the World is not just a great starting point for how you and your family can do just that, it will also guide you through the entire process, from planning to execution, to noticing and acknowledging the opportunities for service around you and taking action. You won’t just feel an overwhelming sense of pride and purpose in yourself, you will also be changing the lives of more people than you may know."

Lisa Rayns says in her 5-star review of Your Mark on the World, "The author shares some amazing anecdotes of people who have helped and been helped, and shares his great experience and the fulfillment it gave him. It’s very informative and exceptionally inspirational."

Athena Nagel at The Stuff of Success says Your Mark on the World "is clear that anyone can give or make change, even if it is in small ways. I teach my children to help others. But am I as consistent about it as I could be – probably not. After reading this book I intend to really put more effort into helping others and not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Life is fragile and if my family and I can make some lasting difference in even one life – it will all be worth it."

Theresa at My Mommy’s World says Your Mark on the World is "A quick read that will lift your spirit and make you feel like you can change the world."
Nicole at Pretty Opinionated said, "I really enjoyed how Devin seemed to be speaking directly to me as a reader. His tone is conversational and encouraging. He doesn't condescend, and he genuinely seems to want to see every reader succeed in their charitable goals. I recommend this book to anyone who is ready to get out there and make their mark on the world."

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