Carbon Series Radio Control Model Aircraft Construction Plans: Carbon Cruiser And Carbon Scout (English Edition) por RD Edwards

July 23, 2019

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Titulo del libro: Carbon Series Radio Control Model Aircraft Construction Plans: Carbon Cruiser And Carbon Scout (English Edition)
Autor: RD Edwards
Número de páginas: 36 páginas
Fecha de lanzamiento: October 20, 2014

RD Edwards con Carbon Series Radio Control Model Aircraft Construction Plans: Carbon Cruiser And Carbon Scout (English Edition)

Have you ever wanted to own an RC model airplane that you can build in a very short time, using inexpensive commonly available materials, that is so easy to fly you don't need any training at all, is rugged and yet so durable you can't break it, and still has performance that is better than anything you could buy, at any price? An airplane that flies so well, right out of your hands, that you will instantly fall in love with? Well, the Carbon Cruiser and Carbon Scout may be just the answer for you!
The Carbon Series aircraft are the leap in hi-tech yet low cost aviation fun you have been waiting for. These two aircraft are the culmination of testing hundreds of different model aircraft, in many different configurations, over many years, with the results being two aircraft that are extremely light, rugged, and durable.
Both beginner and expert will find the step by step plans with large clear photos a delight to work with.
The construction plans offer two exciting aircraft: First the Carbon Cruiser, pictured above and to the left, features a whopping 34 inch wing span, (one of the largest micro airplanes in the world!) and weighing a mere 29 grams, this aircraft was designed to use any cheap two channel radio, motor and battery, and thanks to advanced careful design, allows an unheard of 20 plus minutes of flight time! The airplane is very easy to fly, and is spin proof.
The Carbon Scout is a bit zippier than the Cruiser, and you can fly this one in smaller spaces. You can easily make complete turns in less than a ten foot space! One of the most fun things to do is to get a lot of altitude, turn the motor off, and glide down using the tail motor to steer. Precision landings are easy with this bird. And flying around pylons in an indoor race can't be beat! Early mornings and evenings are perfect times to fly your airplanes!
Landings are very easy, you can either land in the grass, or as we like to do, let them land in your hand after an exciting flight!
These RC micro aircraft are fun and easy to build, and you will have many rewarding days of flying them.
Both the Carbon Cruiser and The Carbon Scout are included in the construction plans. And they priced very low right now, blue skies!
Carbon Series RC Model Aircraft Construction Plans
A complete set of plans are now available, that contain everything you need to build two complete airplanes, The Carbon Cruiser, and the Carbon Scout.
Every single step is detailed with photos and drawings, designed for beginner and expert alike. They include:

* Complete materials lists.
* Step by step instruction manuals with photos.
* Full size rib profile.
* Covering.
* Trim and Flying.
* Radio installation and low cost radio alternatives.
* Plans are in rich, colorful and crisp PDF Format!
* 37 pages total!

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